Important Dates at Hinegardner's Orchard (2019)


Orchard opens on September 28th + 29th and

October 5th + 6th


 7 AM to 6 PM


Ready for picking:
First week of June

Cantaloupe Melons

Ripen around August 5th
and last about 6 weeks


Ripen in September & October

Last Week of September


Ripen late August - early September


Annual Apple Picks
(Pick Your Own)

Sept. 28th and 29th


Oct. 5th and 6th

Cider Day

No Cider Day 2019 due to apple shortage




2019 Growing year


The crop of apples at Hinegardner Orchard is about 25% normal this year. 

This spring there wwere far fewer apple blossoms than normal. No blossoms means no apples. This seems to be a local problem as other orchards in the state have normal crops. 

Last winter I also removed about 300 Jonathon trees in our east orchard. These trees were planted in 1972 and needed to be removed as they were old and getting rotten. We replanted this area. 

Pick Your Own!

Apple Tree

We usually open the orchard for pick your own around the middle of September.

This year the days of September 28th+29th & October 5th+6th, we will be open from 7pm to dark. (May change due to weather, call ahead. 641-492-6353)

Also during these weekends we have apple pies, cider, caramel apples, and pumpkins available.

No corn maze this year due to wet planting conditions.  

New Giant Apple Slingshot Avaliable!