Date Available

What makes this Apple special?

Lodi (Harvest Apple) July 20th Green apple that is great for applesauce.
Summer Treat August 10th Large red and green apple good for eating.  Hard and crisp.
Pristine August 15th Large red and green apple. (limited availablity)
Wealthy August 30th One of our best old time cooking apples.  In season we use this apple for our pies!
Akane Early September Medium size with the tang of a Jonathon and is ready earlier in the season.
Gala Early September Sweet eating apple.  One of the varieties we like to use in our cider.
Macintosh September 10th Large cooking or eating apple.  Very popular in the Eastern United States.
Jon Grimes September 10th Old time apple.  A cross between a Jonathon and Grimes Golden.  Great for eating or applesauce.  Lillie Mae Candies in Marshalltown, IA use this apple until the Jonathon come on line.
Ozark Gold September 15th Large and yellow in color.  Similar to Golden Delicious but are 2 to 3 weeks earlier.
Honey Crisp September 15th Very popular.  Developed in Minnesota.  Sweet and crisp taste.  Challenging to grow.  Apples do not rippen all at the same time and ripe apples must be picked when ready.  When left hanging on the tree after ripening they become honey mush.
Jonathon September 20th An all time favorite eating and cooking apple.  A long keeper and great for apple cider.
Jonagold September 20th Large red apple.  Cross between Golden Delicious and a Jonathon.  Crisp and beautiful.  Dave's favorite.  Great for eating, applesauce and pies.
Cortland September 20th Red apple with a unique taste.
Chieftain September 20th Cross between a Jonathon and a Red Delicious.  Good for eating.
Jon-Del September 20th Chieftain and Jon-Del are the same apple but are from different suppliers.
Red Delicious September 20th Bright red eating apple.  Crisp and sweet.  Developed in Winterset, IA.
Mitsu September 20th Large green apple.  Good for eating.  Similar to a Granny Smith except it is larger in size.
Connell Red September 25th Large sweet eating apple.  Red in color.
Haralson Limited Apples are a type of Jonathon and seem to be more popular in Northern Iowa and Minnesota.
Wine Sap Limited

If you like a really "tart" apple this is for you!  Medium in size and red in color.

Golden Delicious September 25th or Later Yellow eating apple.  Sweet and crisp.  Can be used for cooking but stays in slices when cooked.